The new age of digitization, including artificial intelligence, robots and automation has begun. What keeps humanity above these issues is emotional and social skills.

Our mothers have strongly influenced our emotional intelligence, and I want to help bring this MOTHER TREASURE to society effectively. Through coaching I support you to use your individual emotional and social skills profitably.

Topics can be amongst others:

  • Rewiew of your life and career planning
  • Preparation for new tasks and challenges or situations
  • Working on blockades regarding your performance or motivation like "mental resignation"
  • Improvement of the social competencies as part of the leadership competencies
  • Support for changing or introducing a new management style
  • Resolving inappropriate behavior, perception or assessment tendencies
  • Support with current conflicts.


With a degree in adult education, I started to work for different sectors in human resources development. Additionally, I certified myself as a trainer for innovation and as a business coach, because I knew back then already, I like to help more intensively with the positive development of my fellow human beings.
After that, I dedicated myself to the topics of talent management and digitization and experienced them as a consultant, project manager and manager, and fortified my knowledge with a certification as a systemic change consultant.
These days I put my heart and soul into people development again full-time.

For me, the focus was and is on the development of my fellow human beings, whereby the goal is defined individually. But if you know where you want to go, you are definitely more effective.

All our lifetime, we have to constantly make decisions, learn, focus, do ... and have support and clarity with it, relieves and accelerates. Coaching develops sustainable self-efficacy and strength to face any situation successfully and effectively.

I would be delighted being your sparring partner.